Our Story

In 1999, Steve Baue and Allyson Extence met conducting new employee orientations and customer service training for a small healthcare system. What started as a fun and lively team approach to training has become a 20-plus year partnership in marriage, family, and business. After successful careers in human resources and communications, which included ten moves domestically and internationally, they settled down in Green Bay, Wisconsin and bought their first company in 2014. This has been followed by the founding of four more companies. Whether it’s best-in-class short- or long-term mental health counseling, outcome-based executive coaching, inspiring keynotes, insightful books, or creating spaces that become second homes, these companies and their co-workers are united by Steve and Allyson’s ultimate mission: to help.

Baue Management Group


Founded in 2022, BMG provides executive leadership and back-room operations for Baue-owned companies. Encompassing finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, operational support, information technology, and strategic leadership, its purpose is to implement simple and efficient operating systems that yield outstanding results. By consolidating the operations of the Baue family of companies into one organization, it frees each of their companies to focus on their unique visions and missions.

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Employee Resource Center, INC

(ERC: Counselors & Consultants)

Founded in 1992, ERC is the premier mental health benefit provider (EAP) in the Midwest. By concentrating on appointment availability and session models that ensure best-in-class issue resolution, ERC has become the mental health benefit of choice. The ERC team takes pride in partnering with employers who truly understand the importance of mental health for their employees and their families, as well as the positive ripple effect good mental health can have at work, home, and in the community.

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Steve Baue, LLC

Founded in 2019, Steve Baue, LLC is a consulting agency dedicated to guiding leaders to “be you, but greater.” Using his unique perspective and 30 years of domestic and international experience in organizational / leadership development and corporate-level human resources, Steve offers ICF certified executive coaching and inspiring keynotes. He’s also proud to announce his first book will be published in 2023, “The Sh*t They Don’t Teach You” based on his popular leadership blogs and LinkedIn videos.

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Mental Wellness Center, LLC


Founded in 2022, MWC is a boutique mental health practice specializing in relationship, anxiety, and LGBTQIAP+ counseling. MWC provides long-term, outpatient therapy with an emphasis on serving those who are on the fringes of typical illness-focused care, because we believe everyone can benefit from counseling. Leveraging the expertise of its sister company Employee Resource Center, the MWC creates a comfortable space for clients to explore their mental health with a trusted partner.

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SJB Ventures, LLC

Founded in 2021, SJB Ventures, LLC is the real estate development and property management firm named after Steve and Allyson’s daughter and her positive (and practical) approach to life. While it started with the acquisition and almost total remodel of Fredrick Building (now home to all the Baue companies), Steve’s love of architecture, creative problem-solving, and sawdust will hardly make it the last.

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